Academic Events

On the afternoon of November 20th, the fifth information scholars’ forum sponsored by the School of Economics and Information Engineering was successfully held at J311B in Gezhi Building. The associate researcher Gao Shaobing of Sichuan University was invited to give a keynote speech. Some young teacher representatives and student representatives from the School of Economics and Information Engineering attended the forum, and Zhao Yu lecturer presided over the forum.

Dr. Gao Shaobing gave an academic report titled "Research on Intelligent Graphic Image Processing Technology Based on Bio-Visual Adaptive Mechanism". In the background of artificial intelligence technology, he introduced the simulation of brain information processing mechanism and development brain computing technology, and introduced how the human brain intelligent system can trigger the inspiration of human new technology, and introduced the proposed process of analog visual adaptive mechanism in detail. , highlights and advantages. During the questioning session, Dr. Gao also conducted in-depth discussions on the relevant content with the teachers and students.

This forum expands the research perspective of the teachers and students of the college, and shares the rich and practical academic research ideas, creating a good academic research atmosphere for the college.