be七365官网:“Financial Intelligence and Information Management” Guanghua Innovation Experimental Class

Adhering to the spirit of the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, which is based on the world and the people, and practicing the concept of “cultivating people-oriented, theory-based, application-oriented, and innovation-oriented”, fundamentally transforms the traditional undergraduate with too much emphasis on professional education. The talent training model starts from the three aspects of “positioning and managing the complex, strengthening the basics of general knowledge, and highlighting the professional characteristics”, comprehensively innovating the training ideas and training methods of the management talents, and striving to build a new system and new model of economic management and compound top-notch innovative talents. We are committed to cultivating top-notch innovative talents with broad foundations, exquisite workmanship, comprehensive quality, innovative consciousness and creativity, broad ambitions and ideals of life, and complex knowledge structures in economic management related fields.

“Financial Intelligence and Information Management” Guanghua Innovation Experimental Class is one of the first four Guanghua innovation experimental classes in the whole school. It is based on financial theory, based on financial research methods and techniques, and the basic requirements of senior talents in financial practice. Skills are at the core, mainly learning the formulation and implementation of macro financial policies, the operation mechanism of microfinance markets, the pricing and investment strategies of financial instruments, the development skills of financial products, and the investment in macro and micro financial decisions, product development and pricing. Knowledge and skills in mathematical modeling, information processing, data mining, and decision support.

Professional features:

develop international cooperation training system, implement dual degree system, implement professional tutor system, and establish a master-reading system.