be七365官网:E-commerce (payment settlement direction)

Training Objectives:

Adhering to the philosophy of “Science and Technology, Capital and Economics”, cultivate a solid knowledge of information science and technology and e-commerce, master big data processing capabilities and modern e-commerce systems development and management capabilities, and be able to adapt to the future. To cultivate highly competitive and comprehensive information talents in the financial and economic fields that can adapt to the fierce competition in the future with social responsibility, innovative spirit and international vision.

Professional features:

E-commerce professional closely follows the pace of “Internet +” era, featuring payment and settlement, focusing on emerging e-commerce models, especially in the fields of Internet finance and sharing economy. It is the first e-commerce professional established in China, and also Sichuan specialty.

Core courses:

principles of economics, principles of management, monetary finance, accounting, statistics, e-commerce, database principles, electronic payment and settlement, online marketing, data analysis (Python), financial intelligence, internet finance, business research methods , data mining, data structure, online entrepreneurship, supply chain and logistics management.

Duration of study: four years

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Management