be七365官网:Professional degree education (Master of Project Management Engineering)

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics was approved by the National Degree Office in 2009, and was listed as the first batch of project management engineering master training units in the national financial and economic colleges. According to the disciplinary layout and the strength of teachers, the school decided to jointly organize a master's education in project management engineering featuring finance and service, and relying on the School of Economic Information Engineering as the organizer.

In the project management engineering master training education, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics adheres to the policy of inclusive, shaping the characteristics, winning the quality, and relying on the school's "big financial superiority subject group" teaching strength, integrating finance, technical economy and management, management science and engineering, Business, management, computer science and other economics, management and engineering disciplines, including the Ministry of Education "Yangtze Scholar" lecture professors and financial industry leaders and in-service executives, including the outstanding faculty team at home and abroad, carefully built our school The Department of Project Management Engineering (MPM) education system featuring finance and services. The school strengthens the construction of cooperation media between finance and other sectors and industries, and employs both internal and external dual-mentors to assist students in achieving learning and performance improvement, and forms an effective mechanism for cooperation in project management engineering masters.