be七365官网:From the Dean

Summer is coming to the autumn, and the years are like songs. Generation after generation of "information people", painstaking efforts, pioneering and enterprising, practice the "science and technology solid, financial and spiritual soul" school philosophy.

The era we are in is the information age. The times have given the college an opportunity to leapfrog development. Consolidating the two cornerstones of "management information system" and "computer science", highlighting the financial characteristics of "payment settlement" and "financial intelligence", and meeting the challenge of "e-commerce" to the economy and society is our common vision.

The glory of the School of Economics and Information Engineering requires everyone to develop and create together. Here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the alumni who have supported the development of the college, our parents, our teachers and students. Thank you! I wish you a smooth job, a happy life, a progressive learning, and good luck!

Today you are proud of the school, and tomorrow school is proud of you!